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singlemom20131 started this conversation
I'm homeless I'm looking for a place to stay til i can find a job
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Ty69   in reply to singlemom20131
Thats good to hear
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to singlemom20131
That's wonderful!
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singlemom20131   in reply to Greywolf2004
Same here
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How are you tonite, I feel so lonely and don't know which way to turn
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singlemom20131   in reply to Ty69
I'm good
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singlemom20131   in reply to keepingthefaithinfl
Thanks but my dad and mom came to my rescue
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singlemom2013, I am so sorry to hear you are homeless.
- what state major city are you near? Sometimes if you list that, if there is someone on that knows your area, they may have more helpful advice of who you should contact.
You should call 211 and they will give you a list of resources you need. Best of luck to you. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Hi, how are you?
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